ABOUT US We are a diving company based on Veracruz, Mexico, since 1995. We wish to be the best diving company in Mexico and we implement everything to reach it.
We provide a wide range of services, infrastructures of quality and well-maintened, ships and competent staff, diving equipement our shop.
We organize courses, events and contests and we do the best to satisfy you whether you are alone or in group. THE SHOP In our shop, you can find your diving gears, to sell or rent, and we also maintain and fixe it. It is also the place we meet before and after the diving. A class room is available to run the different courses, as well as a bathroom and a place to clean your diving equipement. DIVING EXCURSIONS You can come with your friends and family or alone and join a groupe, with or without an instructor, we will adapt to you. Our staff will accompany you to help you to have the best diving in Veracruz and ensure your security.
Nitrox and Night Diving are also parts of our services.
Our daily excursions are located in:
Diving area of Veracruz (Anegada de Adentro)
Diving area of the reef of Anegada de Afuera (in front of Antón Lizardo) DIVING COURSES We certify the programs of the following agencies: PADI, NAUI, SSI, FMAS/CMAS.
We propose courses from initiation to divemaster:
Scuba Diver (2 days)
Open Water Diver (4 days)
Advanced level (5 days)
Stress and Rescue (3 days)
PAB (First Aid SSI)
Enriched air Nitrox
Dive Master
Dive Con (assistant instructor)
And specialties:
Deep Diving
Navigation Diving
Night and Limited Visibility Diving
Wreck Diving
Subacatic Photography
Search and Recovery. VERACRUZ UNDERWATER Veracruz is located in a privileged area allowing everyone to dive according to his own way. The weath of the seabeds offers a wide marine fauna: turtles, rays, a great variety of reef fish, dolphins… as well as clear waters and blues underfaces, coral reefs, wrecks, and other.
Please, follow this link to view and discover Veracruz diving!
The visibility, the water temperature and the current depend of the season. However, we can split the year in two parts:
From November to February, the visibility goes throw 5 to 10 meters and the water temperature is between 22ºC and 24ºC.
From March to October, which is the best time to dive, the average water temperature is about 26 ºC and the visibility increases considerably, can be up to 30m! CONTACT US We would be glad to answer to any questions you have and give you more details about our prestations. Telephones:
01 (229) 9314305
01 (229) 9313103 Correo Electrónico:
manuel@doradobuceo.com silvana@doradobuceo.com Facebook: Dorado Buceo Veracruz
Skype: Dorado.Buceo.Veracruz We are open:
Monday to Friday: from 9am to 8pm
Saturday: from 7am to 8pm
Sunday: from 8am to 3pm
Blvd. Manuel Avila Camacho No. 865 Col. Flores Magón C.P. 91900 Tel: +52 (229)9314305